My name is Estefania de la Chica but nobody calls me Estefania (only my mum when she’s angry); most people

  call me Fany, which is my nickname. I am from a small city called Jaen in Andalusia (Spain). I come from a 

matriarchal family. My mum and aunts inherited the role of being strong, independent women from my 

  grandmother; and this, in turn, has had a similar effect on me.


I was able to study due to scholarships. I studied cinematography at the School of Cinema Studies of Cataluña 

(Barcelona);  a Masters of Arts in Documentary at the Royal Holloway University of London and an MFA in 

Directing/Screenwriting at Columbia University of New York.

I started to produce my own films at the age of seventeen. My films have been selected in around seventy 

international film festivals and have been broadcast on TV. I have also received in total 9 awards for my films. 

My work has been published in the magazine CINEWOMEN, highlighting me as an important upcoming female 

film director. With my last two films, I won important awards: a College Emmy Award with my short film 

“Something to Believe” and this year the Glamour magazine “New View - Girl Gaze” award with my short film 

“The Looking Ceremony” featuring my film at the Hollywood Reporter magazine:


In a personal capacity, I received the award “The Andalusian of the Future” in the culture category. The main 

objective of the award is to support the development of Andalusian society through the recognition of its young 



As a singer, she started composing songs at the age of fifteen with the guitar. Since she was a child, she 

inherited the passion for flamenco from her grandfather Juan Pedro Serrano "El Zapatero". She has composed 

melodies for her films and received a scholarship to study at Columbia University in New York where she received

singing lessons - jazz ensemble - with Christina Correa. She has composed her first album "Dressed for a Sunday"

in New York where she mixes flamenco with jazz, hip-hop, and R&B and collaborated with Jake Chapman, 

Eli Aleinikoff, and musical producers Sahil Ansari and Ann Streichman.